Biofeedback Training

With extreme stress, noticeable body responses include perspiring hands, a faster heart rate and tense muscles, with the release of extra adrenaline.


Lower and more constant levels of stress can be even more damaging. Body responses are less dramatic and mostly go unheeded.


Biofeedback uses electrical measurements on a monitor to detect and amplify internal body activities too subtle for normal awareness. With the ability to observe these activities they can then be gradually modified.


A principal way the body reacts to stress is by Galvanic Skin Resistance (GSR) in the skin. This is a reflection of variations in sweat gland activity and pore size, both of which are controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. Skin resistance decreases with even slight tension, and increases with relaxation. By hearing or seeing these changes on a biofeedback monitor, awareness with the ability to control tension and stress can be developed. Regular practice accomplishes this even without being able to describe the exact method. By controlling the monitor feedback there is an improved ability to cope with stress through relaxation. Eventually relaxation can be achieved even without the monitor, with greater energy and performance capability.


Dr. Weinstein will use a biofeedback instrument to help increase the capacity to handle stress much more effectively.


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