Conscious Breath Training

Breathing well greatly improves your chances of feeling well. As many as four out of five adults do not know how to breathe correctly. Most people breathe too shallow, too quickly, and breathe into the chest and not the abdomen. This leads to oxygen imbalance with typical symptoms of chronic fatigue, low level anxiety and mental fogginess. Preventive breath correction can minimize and even circumvent certain disease processes related to common stress. Breathing is both affected by and affects emotional reactions. Conscious breathing can actually change physical responses.


Simple techniques that can be used anywhere in two minutes or less can help facilitate deep inner well being and health, and even replace overwhelming emotions with more positive ones. With knowledge and practice these easy to learn ways of breathing can help anyone be less anxious, sleep better, and be more alert among other capabilities.


Dr. Weinstein will instruct and practice with you breathing techniques that will last a lifetime.


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