Energy Psychology Treatments

It has been well established that there is a connection between thoughts and emotions as represented by the success of using cognitive behavioral therapy treatments. When a negative emotional or other undesired “expression” appears, this may arise from an energy meridian imbalance caused by a “disruption”. This disruption is in the state of harmony or balance that is considered to be the normal or healthy state of affairs.


Stimulating the energy system in the right way and at the proper location can positively influence this “pathologic” thought field. Either a different energetic code is entered into the system or the “pathologic” disturbance is collapsed changing the subtle energy system and returning it to the previous healthier form.


If decisions or conclusions are drawn during crisis and trauma, under extreme distress, or at times when someone is not equipped with valid information then energy psychology patterns that were formerly healthy can be disrupted. Only a change in the energy flow by either a collapse or “correcting” disruption allows a new energy flow with a healthier understanding, belief or awareness to be realized.


Dr. Weinstein was trained in Energy Psychology Techniques by Fred Gallo, Ph.D., a pioneer in energy diagnostic and treatment methods.


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