Is this confidential?
Inquiries are totally confidential.
Any record release will require your written authorization.
Electronic health records are not currently utilized because there is no guarantee of security, and too many groups are “legally” allowed access to these records.

How much are your fees?
The fee for an initial evaluation lasting 50 to 60 minutes is $250 due at the time of the evaluation. If follow-up treatment is needed it will be discussed at the initial evaluation.
Ongoing sessions may be scheduled for either 20 to 30 minutes for $100 per session, or a 45 minute session for $175.

Do you accept medical insurance?
The only insurance accepted is Medicare with a supplement, and this only covers traditional treatments. Complementary treatments are not usually covered by any insurance.

Will the evaluation be stressful?
Dr. Weinstein will patiently work with you to understand your needs, then carefully explain treatment options. A plan with possible follow-up sessions will be determined together by a joint agreement.

How is this different than traditional psychiatry?
Most psychiatrists prescribe medication and possibly use one or two other types of psychotherapy. Dr. Weinstein is skilled in many more available treatment options that are
precise, extremely effective, and that complement each other.

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