Guided Imagery/Visualization

Guided Imagery refers to a wide variety of techniques including simple visualization and direct suggestion, and uses imagery, metaphor, story telling, drawing and active imagination. Elements of the unconscious are invited to appear as images that can communicate with the conscious mind. It is more widespread in scientific use now is because it is effective in alleviating anxiety and depression, relieving other psychological symptoms, and accelerating healing and stress reduction.


People use imagery all the time without realizing it; rituals from the beginning of time have involved imagery. The body responds to mental imagery as it would to a genuine external experience so the physiological effects are powerful, and imagery serves as a language of the unconscious mind. Imagery can be a very quick and effective way of overcoming bad habits and facilitating change, and an interactive teaching model helps others use their inner resources to support healing and find creative solutions.


Dr. Weinstein often uses models similar to those of the Academy of Guided Imagery.


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