Theory Underlying Energy Medicine Principles and Treatments

  1.  The body functions by using either chemical or electrical processing, and electricity produces magnetism which attracts and repels molecules. Electrocardiograms and electroencephalograms have long been used to record the electrical energy of the heart and brain, respectively. Magnetic resonance imaging machines use the magnetization of the atoms in the body to obtain contrasting images. Electrical stimulation devices are used to suppress certain types of pain, and pulsed electromagnetic field devices are used to help fractured bones to heal. Transcranial magnetic stimulating machines have been approved by the FDA to treat major depression by affecting the electromagnetic field of a selected area of brain neurons.
  2.  Einstein observed that matter and energy are interchangeable forms of the same reality and their structure is based on their frequency and how they are “IN-FORMATION”. Envision matter (body) as a still pond, energy the force that disturbs the stillness by tossing in a rock, and information (cognitions/symptoms) as a ripple created by the impact.
  3. When energy flows through the body properly there is a state of health. When there is an energetic disturbance in the body a disease is created. For the body to be returned to a state of health an energetic disturbance must be corrected.
  4. With proper training the body’s supply of life energy can be sensed, increased, and redirected to improve health since energy will go where it is directed with intent to go.
  5. The body is composed of a series of interacting multidimensional subtle energy systems. A trained healer can manipulate this subtle energy and affect the body’s electromagnetic systems.
  6. Energy flows through a network of power centers, passageways, and energy fields that interpenetrate the physical body. This includes the chakras which serves the body as centers (or transformers) that take in and distribute energy, and the meridians that are the body’s energy channels that transfer energy to and from the chakras and nearby organs and parts of the body. Each chakra is associated with a major nerve and gland center in the physical body, and transfers subtle energy into hormonal, nerve, and cellular activity.
  7. Illnesses can manifest in the energetic body before they manifest in the physical body. By treating problems at the energetic level the physical body can often be healed. Healing can occur in the energy body even before it becomes apparent in the physical body.
  8. Consciousness itself is an energy related to the cellular expression of the physical body. It participates in creating either health or illness. There is a dynamic equilibrium between consciousness and higher forms of energy.
  9. The cause of energetic disturbances that are behind many physical ailments is frequently negative thoughts and emotions stored in the body. This energy is stored unconsciously and is exemplified by how the first recognition of anxiety or anger is by feeling a physical manifestation in the body. The resistance to feeling negative emotions and releasing their energy in a constructive way can often cause the problem. These negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and traumatic memories form blockages and energetic disturbances that can lead to physical health problems.
  10. Healthy psychological functioning (as well as health in general) is consistent with a balance of unobstructed currents of subtle energy. Psychological disturbances are consistent with an imbalance or energy blockage. Systems in the body move toward homeostasis or balance as do all systems in nature, and this can be facilitated by a trained healer.
  11. If verbal and behavioral expressions are not balanced with both internal/individual AND environmental expectations it can often lead to distress, and symptoms from resulting energetic disturbances. Working with someone trained in physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and energetic treatment techniques can facilitate expression of thoughts, feelings and desires in their truest and most fulfilling way.
  12. If depression is used as an example, like other illnesses it is too often seen as only a chemical imbalance. Other physical problems, life circumstance, and the underlying psychological, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, spiritual, and energetic aspects are ignored. Significant limitations exist in assisting even symptom reduction unless the whole person is properly evaluated and treated.