Meditation Training

Meditation is the technique of forced attention on a single word, saying, or the breath to increase awareness or relaxation, reduce stress and promote health. When mindfulness is added, a wide range of changing objects of attention are used rather than a single device. Moment-to-moment internal and external awareness with detached nonjudgment can reduce the fight or flight reaction in stressful situations. Unwanted feelings and thoughts can then be perceived as transient, and not limiting or defining the individual or their choices. When it is difficult to meditate regularly exercises can be used with certain cues throughout the day to promote realization of having and not simply being a body and mind. An individual sees they are more than their pain or stress.


This practice has proven helpful in reducing anxiety, depression and pain, and other harmful responses to stress.


Dr. Weinstein is a practitioner of this, and with practice can be learned by anyone.


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